Man solves 2,474 Rubik's cubes one-handed in 24 hours

By Ben Hooper
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July 10 (UPI) -- An Indian Rubik's cube master broke a Guinness World Record by solving 2,474 of the puzzles in 24 hours while using only one hand.

Krishna Sai, 20, of Chennai, said he has submitted documentation to Guinness World Records showing how he solved the 2,474 Rubik's cubes one-handed in 24 hours, beating the record of 2,174 cubes set by fellow India resident Krishnam Raju Gadiraju in 2014.


Sai said he started solving Rubik's cubes under a friend's instructions as a child and he became interested in solving the puzzles competitively in 2014. He said he watched YouTube tutorials to get his average solving time to about 10 seconds.

"In competitions I was averaging at 15 seconds and once when I was solving at home, I hit a 10 second average -- that has been my best record yet. When I knew this, I was positive that I could break it," Sai told The News Minute of the one-handed record.

He said he worked to give himself a comfortable lead in the first few hours of his attempt.

"On the day of the challenge, I only took 2-5 minute breaks for the first few hours. I ended up solving 600 odd cubes in 4 and a half hours," he said.


Sai said the documentation he submitted to Guinness includes a video of the entire 24-hour event.

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