Kayakers chased by 'huge' great white shark

By Ben Hooper
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July 3 (UPI) -- A pair of kayakers in Australia captured video of their tense encounter with a huge great white shark that chased them through the water.

Ken Gerke started recording video off the coast of Wenonah Head, New South Wales, when he spotted a fin in the water nearby.


"There had been a lot of whales and dolphins out there, so I initially thought it might have just been a small whale... but then I saw the fin and it just kept getting larger and larger," Gerke told Yahoo7 News.

The video shows Gerke come to the realization that the animal in the water is a "huge" great white shark, which the fisherman estimated may have been up to 16 feet long.

The footage shows Gerke paddling toward fellow kayaker Dave Barwise while shouting that a large shark is chasing him.

"I definitely wasn't in fear, although I was quite in awe of it, but obviously I felt a bit safer being closer to a mate," Gerke told 9 News. "I'm pretty sure he wasn't out to hurt us in anyway, he was just very curious, and friendly, like a big puppy dog in a way, and was coming over to check us out."


Barwise captured video of the shark circling Gerke's kayak after he stopped paddling.

"It was an awesome experience, quite a scary one, but awesome... I've never seen anything that large," Gerke said.

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