Bobcats take over abandoned house in California

Ben Hooper

June 22 (UPI) -- A California family said they are concerned about their new neighbors -- a family of bobcats that moved into a vacant home next door.

Maria Lara and her family said they have witnessed the bobcats using a hole to enter and exit the attic of the abandoned house next to their Victorville home.


Lara captured cellphone camera footage of the cats wandering around on the roof of the home.

"We're enjoying them, but at the same time, we're also kind of scared," Lara told KTLA-TV.

She said the bobcats had been drinking water from a pool on her property until she drained it on the advice of California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials.

Lara said she has been warning neighbors to be careful of their small children and pets, especially after dark.

A 67-year-old Georgia woman who was attacked by a rabid bobcat outside of her home last week used her bare hands to strangle the animal.

DeDe Phillips said the bobcat rushed her right after she spotted it and snapped a photo.

Phillips suffered scratches and bites from the animal, but she managed to kill it with her bare hands.


"I strangled it to death," she said.

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