Rescue kitten at Minnesota shelter turned out to be a bobcat

By Daniel Uria
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June 14 (UPI) -- An animal rehab facility in Minnesota was surprised to find a rescue kitten that was brought in was actually a bobcat.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota shared a photo of the kitten that was brought in by a "very observant client" who heard it crying for help in a parking lot.


"After bringing home the stray kitten and listening to it, he started suspecting it wasn't a domestic breed," the center said.

About 24 hours later staff at the center determined the kitten was actually a bobcat.

Upon realizing the kitten wasn't a standard house cat, staff determined the kitten was generally in good health but dehydrated and should be transferred to a different facility.

"She'll spend a few days with us stabilizing then we'll transfer her to another rehabber who works with bobcats," the center said.

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