California woman opens door to find rattlesnakes on porch

By Ben Hooper
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June 1 (UPI) -- A California woman opened her front door to discover a deadly rattlesnake on her front porch -- and it didn't come to the house alone.

Bella Trujillo said she opened the front door to her Benicia home on this week and discovered the entrance was blocked by a northern pacific rattlesnake.


"We were like, 'Step back, go back, go backwards, don't go there!'" she told KGO-TV.

Lou Fraser of Rattlesnake Removal USA responded to the home with his snake-sniffing dog, Peaches. He said a total three rattlesnakes were removed from Trujillo's property, including a small one that he might have missed if not for Peaches' snake sniffing skills.

Fraser said the snake season is in full swing, so business is booming.

"I started in Dixon, then St. Helena, then Santa Rosa, now in Benicia, Fairfield, after this," he said.

Fraser said snakes are less likely to occupy clean yards with lots of activity. He said having pets in a home can also help ward off the venomous reptiles.

"We don't want our pets to get bit, but honestly, the scent of a dog and the scent of a cat with deter animals like this," he told KTXL-TV.


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