Visitors to Florida park warned to avoid aggressive squirrels

By Ben Hooper
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May 25 (UPI) -- Officials in a Florida county posted signs at a public park warning visitors to steer clear of the aggressive squirrels.

Orange County Parks and Recreation said five complaints have been lodged in the last month about aggressive squirrels at Shadow Bay Park, and at least two incidents involved the furry rodents scratching children at the playground.


"Please do not feed the wildlife," one sign reads.

"Please [avoid] contact with squirrels," reads another sign, which officials said will be replaced because "avoid" was misspelled as "aviod."

Orange County spokeswoman Doreen Overstreeet said squirrels and other animals lose their fear of humans when they start to see people as a source of food.

"This is why these particular squirrels have in fact become aggressive," she told the Orlando Sentinel.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it is working to trap and relocate squirrels that show signs of aggression. Officials said two of thew animals have been relocated so far.

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