Turkeys chase cyclist down South Carolina road

By Ben Hooper
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May 22 (UPI) -- A surprised traveler on a North Carolina road turned around to capture video of an unusual spectacle: a cyclist being chased by turkeys.

The video, filmed this month on a road in Waynesville, shows a cyclist riding on the ride of the road with three turkeys in hot pursuit.


The filmer said the turkeys may have been chasing the man for up to two miles.

"On my way to eat lunch with my wife noticed a cyclist riding in the opposite direction with three turkeys chasing him," the filmer wrote. "These turkeys are well know in town and hang out at a round about a few miles away. That is also a cyclist route for the area. I decided I needed to turn around and capture this event. Based on where they are usually they had chased that guy at least two miles to that location of the video."

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