Alligator 'punked' by sandhill crane in Florida

By Ben Hooper
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May 18 (UPI) -- A stand-off between an alligator and a sandhill crane in Florida ended with the gator chickening out and being chased away by the bird.

A video recorded by a witness who had just finished fishing under a bridge in Sanford shows the alligator standing in the roadway and staring down a group of sandhill cranes standing in the grass next to the street.


The alligator eventually decides the cranes aren't a suitable meal and turns to make a speedy retreat while one of the birds follows to make sure it doesn't change its mind.

"I was fishing nearby, underneath a bridge, on a rainy afternoon. As I was leaving, I passed Gator's Riverside Grille next to the marinam," the filmer wrote. "The gator was stalking the cranes and crossed the road in front of me. Once I unplugged my phone, I realized that I was witnessing a standoff of sorts. The gator was 'punked' by a sand hill crane!"

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