Wildlife officials rescue six squirrels with tails tangled together

By Daniel Uria
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May 17 (UPI) -- Staff at a wildlife rehab center in Nebraska helped rescue a group of baby squirrels whose tails had become tangled together.

The Nebraska Humane Society shared photos of the six baby squirrels clinging to a tree and moving as a unit, with their tails tangled together.


Animal control officers arrived on the scene and brought the bundle of squirrels to the rehab center, where executive director Laura Stastny worked to untangle them.

Stastny told the Omaha World-Herald the squirrels' tails got stuck together with tree sap while they were wrestling in their nest.

She gave the squirrels a mild painkiller and covered them with a towel to keep them comfortable as she began to work on setting them free.

It took Stastny about an hour to cut away the sap-covered fur and untangle the squirrels' tails.

She said most of the squirrels were doing well and will be released back into the wild within a few weeks, but some will require surgery to remove parts of their tails that were damaged while they were tangled.

A man in Maine helped rescue a group of squirrels in a similar situation in May 2017, when he found four baby squirrels struggling to untangle their tails.


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