Alligator found camped out under family's SUV

By Ben Hooper
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May 17 (UPI) -- An alligator that paid a late-night visit to a Texas family's home and decided to camp out under their SUV was removed early Thursday morning.

"Gator Chris" Stephens of the Texas Gator Squad said he was summoned to the Sugar Land home by Fort Bend County sheriff's deputies after they responded to the home and confirmed there was indeed a 7-foot alligator beneath a vehicle in the family's driveway.


The alligator put up a struggle, but was eventually captured by Stephens and relocated to a new home in the Brazos River.

Stephens said the alligator was likely searching for a mate.

"They go up this time of year. Gators travel a lot at night, going from pond to pond, looking for girlfriends, food, setting up time for mating. That's all that they're doing," he told KTRK-TV.

Another apparently amorous alligator was caught on camera this week at a home in Longwood, Fla. The gator wandered all the way inside the garage, but residents said they decided not to call a trapper when the reptile left on its own.

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