New Jersey tree produces enormous 'pollen storm'

By Daniel Uria
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May 8 (UPI) -- A tree in New Jersey produced a large cloud of pollen that nearly enveloped a construction vehicle on Monday.

Jennifer Henderson said her husband Eric Henderson was working to pick up brush in Millville, N.J., when he noticed a line of trees filled with pollen.


He decided to drive his digger loader into one of the trees causing it to send a huge pollen storm to burst out, as he quickly backed away.

Cumberland County health officer Megan Sheppard said tree pollen in the New Jersey area has reached its peak.

"So I personally know, cause I'm affected by it. The last couple of days I've had itchy and watery eyes. We are in the height of pollen season and what came up recently was from the pine trees," Sheppard said.

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