Gosling-grabbing park visitor confronted on camera

By Ben Hooper
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May 8 (UPI) -- A visitor to a British Columbia park captured video of his confrontation with two men attempting to take a baby goose from its mother.

James Beer said he was walking near Lost Lagoon in Vancouver's Stanley Park when he overheard the men talking about taking a nearby gosling.


"They managed to get my attention by saying, 'I'm going to take one home,'" Beer told News 1130.

Beer said he soon noticed one of the men chasing away the adult geese and grabbing a baby.

"I was by myself and there were two of them," Beer said. "So I decided to film it maybe that would make them think twice."

Beer's video, which he posted to YouTube, shows him confront the men and tell them to set the gosling free. The man holding the goose places it back on the ground before leaving with his friend.

Sam Smith with Wildlife Rescue BC said the man who grabbed the gosling was breaking the law.

"Any time you try and handle a wild animal like that it is not legal, particularly taking a baby away from its family," Smith said.


He said geese are protected under the Migratory Bird Act.

"Potentially Canadian Wildlife Services could get involved and if found guilty could issue a fine, or even result in jail time in severe situations," Smith said.

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