Hitchhiking bear peers through window of man's van

By Ben Hooper

May 7 (UPI) -- A driver in Tennessee captured video of a hitchhiking bear that strolled over to his van and tried to climb on the vehicle.

The video, filmed Thursday on a Gatlinburg road, shows the bear approaching the van and getting up on its hind legs to peek in through the windows.


"Nope, get down!" the man commands as the bear taps on the window with its claws.

The bear declines repeated requests from the man to get off the van, leaving the driver to pull forward slowly to make the animal get back on all fours.

"Would you stay down?" the man asks the bear as it again approaches the vehicle.

The man drives slowly forward as the bear follows.

The driver eventually pulls away after the bear repeatedly attempts to put its front paws on the vehicle again.

"Driving along and came across some bears in a trash can and stopped to watch," the man wrote. "I began talking to them and the one in the video responded to it. So as he started towards me I decided to video my encounter with him."

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