Man billed for donated truck's backward trip through toll booths

By Ben Hooper

May 2 (UPI) -- A Texas man who donated a truck to charity said he received a toll bill after the vehicle was towed backward through a booth.

Bobby Lynn of Rosenberg said he received a collection agency notice about two weeks ago for $85.50 in tolls incurred by the Ford truck he used to own.


Lynn discovered the tolls were from the day he donated the truck to Texans Can Cars for Kids, a charity that auctions vehicles to help at-risk youths graduate high school.

Lynn said he requested a photo from the Harris County Toll Road Authority to prove the truck went through the toll booths.

He said the photos show the truck being towed.

"There's nobody in it," Lynn told KTRK-TV. "It's going backwards."

Lynn said he has been unable to get the situation resolved with the Toll Road Authority or the collection agency.

"It should be easier to prove yourself innocent," Lynn said.

County officials said they will look into the case.

"We will review this driver's inquiry and will gladly provide resolution," the HCTRA said in a statement.


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