Oklahoma City police officer rescues road-crossing chicken

Ben Hooper

May 1 (UPI) -- A surprised Oklahoma City police officer captured video of a "small town problem" in the "big city" -- a loose chicken crossing a road.

The Oklahoma City Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing Officer Cook dealing with the unusual pedestrian found crossing a city street.


"You know, just 'cause we're in the big city don't mean we don't have small town problems," Cook says in the video.

Cook pans the camera over to the chicken as it begins to wander into an intersection.

"There's literally a chicken at 10th and Portland," Cook says, "and he's crossing the road."

The post said Cook captured the chicken to keep it safe from traffic.

"And for those asking no, our investigation did not reveal why the chicken crossed the road. We tried to interview the chicken, but she lawyered up," the post said.

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