Wet paint during rush hour leads to mess on New York subway

By Ben Hooper
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April 27 (UPI) -- New York subway riders said an ill-timed paint job at a Brooklyn station led to yellow footprints spreading around the station -- and inside trains.

Commuters shared photos on social media showing the footprints that resulted from the paint used to put yellow track-side lines on the ground still being wet during peak riding hours.


"Someone just put down a fresh coat of yellow paint on the subway platform edge... at 9:30 on a Wednesday morning," Josh Boerman wrote on Twitter. "This platform is going to be a mess of yellow footprints by the end of the day. What is going on."

He said the paint job was poorly planned.

"People just don't think. They're not thinking about the consequences their decisions are going to have, and we've ended up with a transit system that reflects those priorities," he told WCBS-TV. "It's incredibly frustrating."

Photos snapped by commuters show the yellow footprints spread to inside the trains.

"It's a hazard by me. Being a nursing aide, I think it's very hazardous for people to walk through wet paint, because they're asking for a lawsuit," subway rider Rosezena Brown-Matos said. "They can slip through it, they can fall, they can fall on the track. There's so much going on."


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority blamed the wet paint on humidity.

"We successfully do paint work day in and day out at our 472 stations without any issues whatsoever," the MTA said in a statement. "This is an extremely rare example of very humid weather slowing the drying process after off-hours work and extra care will be taken to make sure it doesn't happen again."

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