Reported rattlesnake turns out to be rubber cobra

By Ben Hooper
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April 24 (UPI) -- Animal control officers in California said they were called to remove a rattlesnake that turned out to be a harmless rubber cobra.

Palo Alto Animal Services said in a Facebook post that animal control officers said rattlesnakes are common in the area, so officers are frequently called out to remove venomous serpents considered to be a threat to people or their pets.


"Our officers just relocate the snake to a more appropriate area close to where it was found," the Facebook post said.

The agency said a call for a snake in a Los Altos Hills resident's yard Monday was more unusual.

"It's rare that we get called to dispose of a dead snake, EVEN MORE rarely do they turn into Cobras and rubberize themselves," the Facebook post said. "Both rubber snakes and cobras are not native to this area. So it's very unlikely they will cause a threat. But rest assured, this ssssssscary looking guy will be 'disposed' of properly."

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