'Squirrel' named 'Furry Boi' elected to University of California student senate

By Ben Hooper
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April 23 (UPI) -- A "squirrel" who won a seat on the student senate at the University of California Berkeley said the campaign started as a joke but he plans to get serious.

Stephen Boyle, who was elected to the Associated Students of the University of California Senate as his squirrel-suited alias, "Furry Boi," said the campaign started with a meme he made for Facebook.


"I started thinking how that was a very viable idea and I started going through the process of filing for candidacy, going on Amazon finding a squirrel suit," Boyle told KPIX-TV.

Boyle said that while it started as a joke, he plans to use his seat on the senate to push for action when it comes to the environment, disabilities and mental illness.

"It was a joke at first, but I'm here to make a lot of change," Boyle said.

The election of Furry Boi came with some backlash on campus. Student newspaper the Daily Cal called the election a "travesty."

Boyle said he plans to win over his detractors.

"Only actions speak louder than words, and I promise you people that I upset, I'll follow through," Boyle said.


He said he plans to retire the squirrel suit now that he's been elected.

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