Raccoon takes only seconds to get into 'raccoon-proof' trash bin

By Ben Hooper
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April 12 (UPI) -- A Toronto resident captured video of a raccoon getting into his "raccoon-proof" trash bin in a matter of a few seconds.

Graeme Boyce, a resident of the Beach neighborhood, posted a video to Facebook showing the raccoon living up to its "trash panda" nickname by using its paws to twist a handle and gain access to the garbage inside the bin.


"He just gave it a good flick of the wrist ... and lo and behold, he was in," Boyce told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

"I though that's pretty brazen. It's broad daylight, a busy street, and I thought there's no way he can open that bin anyway ... it's raccoon-proof. A few seconds later there he was opening the handle and helping himself to dinner," he said.

Boyce said the raccoon had pushed three toboggans off the bin before working the handle.

The city introduced the green bins in 2015, touting them as resistant to animals including raccoons and rodents.

"What I couldn't believe is he could actually with his hind legs, hang on the side of the bin, reach down and grab a bag that was way down at the bottom ... quite incredible, I have to say," Boyce said. "He's obviously done it before and he's quite good at it."


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