112-year-old Japanese man named world's oldest man

Daniel Uria

April 10 (UPI) -- A 112-year-old Japanese man was confirmed as one of the world's oldest people, according to Guinness World Records officials Tuesday.

Masazo Nonaka claimed the title of the world's oldest living man at the age of 112 years and 259 days.


"We are very pleased to announce that we have a new record holder for the oldest living man. Mr Nonaka's achievement is remarkable -- he can teach us all an important lesson about the value of life and how to stretch the limits of human longevity," said Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday.

Nonaka was born July 25, 1905, and has six brothers and one sister. He married his wife Hatsuno in 1931 and the couple had five children together.

He credits his longevity to eating sweets and taking frequent trips to the hot springs, while his daughter claims he lived so long due to leading a carefree life.

Nonaka replaced the former world's oldest man Francisco Nunez Olivera of Spain, who died in January at the age of 113.

He was presented with a certificate commemorating his record as well as a cake, which prompted him to say "yum."


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