Dad holds up 'SAY NO' sign during marriage proposal

By Ben Hooper

April 5 (UPI) -- A Nevada dad stole the scene at the moment of his daughter's engagement when he interrupted the proposal with a sign reading, "SAY NO."

Levi Bliss, 23, conspired with his relatives and the family of Allison Barron, 22, to surprise his intended while he popped the question in a scenic location.


Bliss had Barron's family set up letters spelling "Marry Me?" on the side of a large hill and he then took his girlfriend driving past the display and stopped to officially propose.

Barron's family hid in the bushes nearby and her father interrupted the proposal unexpectedly by popping out holding a sign reading, "SAY NO."

She chronicled the magic moment with a pair of photos posted to Twitter.

Barron told Inside Edition it was another of her father's famous "dad jokes."

"We immediately both started laughing," she said. "My sister was behind us so we turned to her and was like, 'Is this real?' He was like laughing and smiling -- he was proud of his sign."


"It was very my dad, in like a great way -- he's awesome," she said. "Always with the dad jokes and he finds them hilarious. We love it."

The couple said the only one not amused by the sign was Bliss' mom.

"She was kind of mad about it," Bliss said.

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