Driver's dash cam catches near-miss with road-crossing kangaroo

By Ben Hooper
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March 29 (UPI) -- A surprised driver pulled off a quick stop on an Australian road to avoid hitting a kangaroo, and the near-miss was caught on dashboard camera.

The dash cam footage, recorded Monday, shows the driver going over a hill on a road in the Australian Capital Territory just in time to see the kangaroo hop out in front of a car traveling in the opposite direction.


The kangaroo manages to make it out of the lane before the vehicle approaches, but hops out right in front of the filmer, who is able to stop in time.

"After leaving the Deep Space Complex at Tidbinbilla, I saw the kangaroo to the front and on the right of me as I came over a small hill. I started to slow just in case he darted out. I managed to stop just in time and avoid hitting Skippy," the filmer wrote.

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