Man captures video of tree-top battle for lynx mating

By Ben Hooper
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March 28 (UPI) -- A Canadian photographer stopped on a logging road to capture video of an "epic" scene: A female lynx fighting off an unwanted mating attempt at the top of a tree.

Amos Wiebe said he was driving Wednesday evening on a logging road near Grand Prairie, Alberta, when he spotted the two felines scrapping about 100 feet up a tree.


Wiebe said he got out of his car and walked for about a half hour, following the sounds made by the lynx to the tree where they were fighting.

"It made your hair stand on end; it was ear-piercing. It sounded like a female was being murdered out in the bush," Wiebe told the Edmonton Journal.

The photographer, who posted his video to Facebook, said he arrived to find only the female remained in the tree, but as he was filming, the male returned.

"He ran up that tree again and tried to mate with her again, but she started swatting and screaming," Wiebe told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

He said the male eventually gave up.

"Finally when he came back down he just walked away slowly in another direction ... He looked like he was not very happy that he didn't get lucky," Wiebe said.


He said capturing the footage was "one of the most epic experiences of my life."

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