Thirst leads to impulse buy and $10 million lottery jackpot

By Ben Hooper
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March 27 (UPI) -- A man who stopped at a California gas station for a beverage said an impulse decision led to his winning a $10 million lottery jackpot.

Ronald Lopez told California Lottery officials he had only intended to quench his thirst when he stopped at Bonneau's 76 gas station, but a $10 Million Dazzler Scratchers ticket unexpectedly grabbed his attention.


"Why not give it a shot?" Lopez recalled thinking as he looked at the $30 ticket.

Lopez said he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him when he saw the $10 million top prize.

"I took a couple of glances. Didn't really believe it. I was in tears," Lopez said.

He said he went back inside the gas station to "make sure it was all real" and handed the ticket to the store clerk to scan.

"All she said was, 'Oh my God!'" Lopez said.

Lopez said he kept the ticket in a safe until he was ready to take it to lottery headquarters in Sacramento.

The lucky winner said he plans to use his newfound wealth to retire.

"Just have to control our spending now. Don't want to go through it too fast!" he said.


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