Connecticut police warn of hawk dive-bombing pedestrians

By Ben Hooper
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March 26 (UPI) -- Police in Connecticut are warning residents to be on the lookout for an aggressive hawk that has attacked the back of at least one person's head.

Fairfield police warned residents of one neighborhood to be on the lookout for aggressive raptors and said animal control officers would be patrolling the area to attempt to relocate the hawk.


The state Department of Wildlife is also working with local authorities to find the hawk a more suitable home away from potential victims.

"We recommend that if you're going outside with small pets or children and you see a hawk, we recommend you bring the children or small pets inside so that they don't get attacked," a Department of Wildlife official told cable network News12 Connecticut.

Police said the woman was in her yard last week when the hawk approached from the rear and attacked her head. Neighbors said they have heard of other similar incidents in the area.

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