Herd of escaped horses block traffic on Metro Atlanta highway

Ben Hooper

March 17 (UPI) -- Traffic on an Atlanta-area highway was brought to a halt Saturday morning when their path was blocked by a herd of escaped horses running loose.

Drivers near the North DeKalb Mall in the eastbound lanes of Highway 78 captured video Saturday morning when they found the busy road was blocked by a herd of about 10 horses trotting through the middle of the roadway.


DeKalb police responded to the scene and worked to keep the horses and drivers safe while representatives from the Little Creek Horse Farm, the equines' home, worked to capture the escaped animals.

"Yes our horses did decide to take a trip up 78 this morning," the farm said in a Facebook post. "Thanks for everyone's patience who sat on the freeway while we corralled them. A HUGE shout out to the DeKalb police who responded quickly and efficiently, keeping people and horses safe. Steps will immediately be taken to assure this doesn't happen again."

The farm said the horses were "stiff and sore" from their ordeal, but none of them appeared to be seriously injured. It said the horses had escaped through a gate that had accidentally been left open.

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