Swiss student invents paper plane folding machine

By Ben Hooper
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March 16 (UPI) -- A crafty Swiss student posted a video showing off his latest invention -- a machine that creates paper airplanes.

Fabian, the student who goes by DomiNope on YouTube, posted a video showing off "The Paperplane Machine," an invention he created for a school project.


The video shows paper sliding along an assembly line and being folded by the mechanism.

Fabian said he wanted to show off the machine, although it still needs some work.

"The machine does not actually work as well as portrayed in this video," he wrote.

"I used strings to pull the paper as the wheels are not capable of moving the paper across. I used jump-cuts in between the folding bits to shorten the waiting time. Also, the first pair of servomotors were moved by hand, unlike the second one.

I hope to get this machine to run smoothly one day. If this will be the case, I will upload a second, unedited video."

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