Florida fishermen encounter massive great white shark

Ben Hooper

March 13 (UPI) -- A group of fishermen on a charter boat off the Florida coast captured video of their encounter with a massive 14-foot great white shark.

Captain Tony Peeples of Southern Style Charters said he was on a fishing trip with four men Saturday off Fernandina Beach when one of the fishermen announced there was a shark on his line.


"I just got through bending over on that side of the boat releasing a fish," Peeples told WJAX-TV. "I kind of stood up and looked and said, 'No it ain't ... Yeah it is.'"

Peeples said the great white shark was about 14 feet long.

"He came out from under the boat and bit half the drum -- 50-pound drum -- off," Peeples said.

Peeples said the shark became hooked when it came back for the other half of the drum.

"The guy that had him on the rod ... the look on his face when he seen a great white shark, it was just like awe," he said. "His eyes were all lit up."

Southern Style Charters posted a video of the encounter to Facebook. The charter service joked the massive predator was "a minnow at the back of the boat."


"It kind of a humbling experience when you see something that big three feet from you," Peeples told WSVN-TV.

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