Irish airport police rescue baby hare caught in winter storm

Daniel Uria

March 4 (UPI) -- Airport police in Ireland helped rescue a baby hare found hopping in piles of heavy snow on Saturday.

Dublin Airport shared video of an officer plucking the leveret from the snow and carrying it inside for shelter.


"A special rescue this morning by one of our Airport Police. This little fella was taken to safety and given food and heat," the airport wrote. "We're happy to report he's safe and well."

The officer who rescued the tiny hare later discovered she was a female and named her Emma, after the winter storm in the region.

He brought her to live with his family and the police dog that assisted with her rescue while she recovers.

"Emma the baby hare is thriving," the airport wrote on Twitter Sunday. "We'll release her back into the wild as soon as she's ready."


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