Postal worker refusing to deliver packages to Florida nudists

By Ben Hooper
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Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Residents of a Florida resort said they are having problems with a substitute mail carrier who refuses to deliver their packages -- because they're nudists.

Hudson residents living at the Eden RV Resort and City Retreat, a clothing-optional compound that includes an RV park as well as small family homes, said their normal U.S. Postal Service mail carrier has no problem delivering packages inside the gates, but recently they have been having trouble with a substitute.


Residents said a post office manager told them the mail carrier isn't required to enter the community if nudity offends her.

"It offends me that she does not do her job because if she can't do her job, then she shouldn't be having this job," 10-year resort resident Eileen Hudak told WFLA-TV.

Residents said mail delivered to boxes outside the gate is arriving normally, but the carrier has not been bringing packages.

"She marks it undeliverable, whether it fits in the box or it doesn't, so we don't get the mail that day. And sometimes the mail is important. Like with our neighbor, medication sometimes. You can't wait until Monday or Tuesday to go get it," Hudak said.


The residents said their normal mail carrier delivers packages to their doors, but they would be satisfied if the substitute would simply drop them off at the main office.

U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Enola Rice said the carrier isn't breaking any rules.

Enola Rice, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Service, said the carrier is doing nothing wrong. Rice sent this statement:

"In accordance with postal regulations, all mail is left in the appropriate boxes," Rice said. "Packages are left in the large parcel lockers, which, like the mailboxes, are located just outside the entrance to the community. Notices are left for mail requiring signature and items that do not fit in the lockers."

She said the carrier is not required to enter the community.

"Carriers are not required to deliver beyond the centralized delivery units," Rice said. "We can assure all customers that mail and packages are being delivered according to national centralized delivery requirements. The Postal Service appreciates its customers and strives to provide the best possible service at all times."

Mail carriers have refused to deliver to locations in the past for other unusual reasons, including territorial turkeys in Ohio, fear of bedbugs at a Detroit apartment building and multiple homes in Lubbock, Texas, where postal workers determined pets to be too aggressive.


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