Fisherman dragged out of his kayak by 10-foot shark

Ben Hooper

Feb. 23 (UPI) -- An Australian fisherman who sparked a missing person search when his kayak was found abandoned said he was dragged out of the boat by a 10-foot shark.

Brett Palmer, 34, said he and his brother, Luke, were fishing from their kayaks Saturday night in Westernport Bay, near Balnarring, Victoria, when he reeled in the huge shark.


"It was really carrying on, jumping out of the water," he told 7 News. "She's bit the boat and missed me leg and whatever, that was pretty, pretty surreal."

Palmer pulled the shark up across his kayak while Luke filmed video of the big catch. He said the evening took a turn after the video ended, however, when the shark started struggling and pulled him out of his kayak.

"I jumped straight up. [My brother's] kayak turned around real quick," Palmer said. "It was just scary, I don't like sharks."

The fisherman said he managed to hold onto his catch as Luke brought him back to shore.

The men decided to return for Palmer's kayak later, but the abandoned craft was spotted by a passing boat and sparked a search involving agencies including police and the coast guard until authorities discovered Palmer was at home cooking his catch.


Palmer said his kayak was covered in shark bites when he got it back.

"I think it's had enough time in the water for the moment, she needs to get home and get loved up a bit," Palmer told 9 News of his kayak.

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