Michigan woman spots kitten's head poking out from bottom of cupboard

By Ben Hooper
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Feb. 12 (UPI) -- A Michigan resident who heard a strange noise when she arrived home from work discovered a kitten's head poking up from a hole in the bottom of a cupboard.

Courtney Neiderquill of Thomas Township, in Saginaw County, said she heard the unusual sound when she came home from work on Friday.


"So we looked under the cupboard and you could see there was a tiny hole and its head was popping up through it," Neiderquill told WNEM-TV.

Neiderquill contacted Thomas Township Public Safety, which dispatched a crew of firefighters to her home.

The firefighters cut out the bottom of the cupboard and discovered the kitten was dangling from the top of a crawlspace.

"When they finally cut a little slit and found the body hanging straight down it was dangling by its neck," Neiderquill said.

The cat was cut free from the piece of wood and turned over to Saginaw County Animal Care and Control.

"We think that she's probably between three and four months old and as far as her overall health goes she looks pretty good actually for being out on her own for so long," Shelter worker Jessica Herzog said.


"She could've been injured very badly because she was hanging like that for a while and to be able to get her out the firemen had to use their tools and cut around her to get her out," Herzog said. "She's incredibly lucky she's a strong little girl."

Neiderquill said her family is considering adopting the kitten, which was dubbed Muffin by shelter staff.

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