Minnesota cat with 28 toes ties Guinness World Record

By Ben Hooper
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Feb. 9 (UPI) -- A Minnesota cat owner revealed her feline has a total 28 toes, tying the Guinness World Record for most toes on a cat.

Jeanne Martin of Northfield said Paws, a cat rescued from a maple syrup farm by Martin's daughter's partner, benefits from being polydactyl -- having extra toes.


"It almost looks like a catcher's mitt," Martin told WCCO-TV. She said the extra-wide feet help Paws balance on extremely narrow surfaces.

Nachtigall said Paws was rescued after giving birth to a litter of kittens in his truck.

"She used to love it when I would have her sit on my lap and rub her belly and she felt pretty safe, so eventually when she had kittens, she brought them back to my farm and stashed them in the Studebaker truck I was working on," he said.

Martin said the vet doesn't charge her extra to trim Paws' claws.

"I told them once, I said, 'you really ought to charge me extra because she has so many more,'" she said.

Paws has the same number of toes as Jake, an Ontario feline certified by Guinness World Records as having the most toes that each have their "own claw, pad and bone structure."


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