Tiger sharks trying to eat foiled by turtle's shell

Ben Hooper

Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A group of boaters off the Western Australia coast investigated some splashing in the water and discovered a group of tiger sharks trying -- and failing -- to eat a turtle.

The video, filmed Feb. 1 in the Coral Bay area, shows tiger sharks circling a female loggerhead turtle and attempting to eat the animal, but finding themselves foiled by its shell.


The filmer said the sharks spent some time attempting, without apparent success, to make a meal of the turtle.

"We were out on my recreational boat searching for any cool marine life and checked one of the spots where we usually find manta rays cruising," the filmer wrote.

"Unfortunately, there weren't any there so we decided to search along the sand flats where you can occasionally find tiger sharks. We then came across splashing in the water and though it was from dolphins. It wasn't until we were about 50 meters [164 feet] away that we realized what was actually happening. Four tiger sharks circled an average sized female loggerhead turtle. We watched and filmed the event for about 4 hours until there were only 2 tiger sharks left. The turtle then disappeared and eventually so did the tiger sharks. We are still unsure if they got their food or if she escaped."


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