For Sale sign warns buyers: 'Neighbor is an [expletive] hole'

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 30 (UPI) -- A British Columbia man's "Home for Sale" sign includes a bluntly honest explanation for why his family is moving: "Because Neighbor is an [expletive] hole."

Kane Blake said he and his family love most of the aspects of the Kelowna neighborhood they have called home for the past five years, but they decided to move due to a campaign of harassment from a neighbor.


Blake said the man has been sending police and bylaw officers to his home for frivolous and unpredictable reasons on a regular basis for years.

Blake said he recently caught the neighbor taking pictures of his home.

"My kids won't even walk to school, they're terrified," he told the Kelowna Capital News.

"We're sort of being forced to sell our home, unfortunately, due to the stress and everything that is being brought from a resident in the area," Blake told Global News.

He said he has tried talking to officials, but they offered no help.

"I was already dealing with bylaw this morning, on two separate things," he said. "They don't go away and neither does the RCMP, they may as well put the detachments in our neighborhood."


Blake said the sign has led to some interest in buying the house.

"It's a gorgeous neighborhood," he said. "It's just a few issues that need to be dealt with. I'm sure at some point in time -- I don't know when -- but I'm sure they'll be dealt with."

"Personally, I'm done being bullied in this neighborhood so I'm going to sell and maybe the next person will have better luck than me," Blake said.

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