Sperm whale speeds through the water, collides with snorkeler

Ben Hooper

Jan. 26 (UPI) -- Snorkelers off the coast of a Portuguese island captured video of the moment a massive sperm whale charged toward them and knocked one of them on the head.

Stefano Ulivi, who filmed the video off the coast of Pico Island, said he and friend Chris Vyvyan-Robinson were diving to capture video of sperm whales when they apparently spooked one of the massive ocean mammals.


"Towards the end of the day, we spotted this young female close to our boat. Chris decided to dive right in and that probably scared off the whale that probably thought we were attacking her," Ulivi said.

The video shows the whale pass close to Olivi and bop Vyvyan-Robinson on the head.

The men swim to the surface, where Vyvyan-Robinson reveals he was shocked but not seriously injured by the strike.

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