Fearless small dog chases crocodile back into river

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 18 (UPI) -- A visitor to Australia's Goat Island captured video of a fearless dog running up to a much larger crocodile and chasing it back into a river.

The video, recorded late last month on the Northern Territory island, shows a croc nicknamed Casey emerging from a river when summoned by the property owner.


The footage, recorded by a visitor to the property, shows a brave dog barking at the crocodile as the onlookers speculate as to whether the canine will have the courage to follow through on its vocal threats.

After a few moments, the dog dashes out and nips the crocodile on the tail, causing it to turn and dash back into the river.

The small dog, victorious, runs toward the human spectators.

"I was visiting Goat Island with family and King Kai, the owner of the property, calls a croc named Casey out of the water. The dog gets a little jealous and chases the 3.5 meter [11.4-foot] croc back into the river!" the filmer wrote.

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