Deer with chicken feeder stuck around neck spotted in California

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 18 (UPI) -- Wildlife officials in California said theya re trying to rescue a deer spotted with a bucket-like chicken feeder stuck around her neck like a massive collar.

Conan Cocallas of Oakhurst snapped photos Wednesday when the deer was seen wandering near his home.


"Makes me so mad when people discard crap so blithely, and it ends up hurting the innocent animals around us!" Cocallas wrote on Facebook.

Neighbor Melanie Dimoree said she has spotted the young doe on three separate occasions and the animal has been wearing the chicken feeder for at least a week.

"She's not a mature doe yet. She's kind of a baby and she had this megaphone looking thing on her head," Dimoree told KMPH-TV.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer Tim Kroeker said officials are concerned about the deer's safety.

"It could get hung up on a tree and stuck and not be able to get loose and just exhaust itself and die because it's frantically trying to get away," he said.

Kroeker said he has been searching the neighborhood for the distressed doe.

"Once we have a dart on the animal we'll wait a few minutes. It will lay down and we'll be able to help it out without risking it would hurt itself more," he said.


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