Chain-store posts job for chicken nugget taste tester

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 18 (UPI) -- A British chain store issued a job posting seeking to fill an unusual position many might see as a dream job -- chicken nugget taste-tester.

B&M, one of Britain's largest variety store chains, announced on its website that it is seeking a "chicken nugget connoisseur" to taste-taste the chicken nuggets for its new line of store-brand frozen and fresh foods.


The winning applicant will also be asked to give feedback on other products in the line.

The posting lists "relevant experience" for applicants, including:

"*Getting the 20 share box of nuggets from McDonalds and keeping them all for yourself

*Being the first in the office kitchen whenever someone says there's cake

*That time you tripped and fell at a buffet and saved the plate before yourself

*Going to an event or party because there is free food

*You value the importance of a fish finger sandwich in life

*You can conduct a power point presentation on the reasoning behind curly fries being nicer than chips"

The winning applicant will be issued monthly $35 vouchers to spend on B&M's new line of frozen and fresh foods, and will be asked to "share their feedback with the B&M buying to help evolve the range."


"Just like a good steak, this opportunity is rare and shouldn't be diced with. If you think this is your calling please upload a paragraph on why you think you deserve the opportunity and what relevant experiences you have," the posting states.

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