Baby bear found trapped inside of a car

By Wade Sheridan
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Jan. 16 (UPI) -- A group of visitors staying at a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, were surprised to find a baby bear trapped inside one of their cars.

Tanya Young, one of the visitors, said to NBC News 10 that a group that had just arrived in the area left their car door open with dog treats inside.


Young and her friends took notice of the bear once the car horn started blowing. Young filmed the encounter with the trapped baby bear and showed that she and her friends attempted to free it safety while a mama bear was spotted looking around nearby.

The footage Young released on social media features one of her friends trying to carefully open up the car door without being attacked by the baby bear and without alarming the mama bear.

"Oh god, here he comes," a person says in the video as the baby bear runs out of the car after a second attempt to open the door. The inside of the car looked messy as the bear was most likely exploring and looking for a way out.

Young called police afterwards who said it was possible the bears were out in search of food. No one, including bears, were harmed in the incident.


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