Security camera records Virginia man's struggle with black ice

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 11 (UPI) -- A Virginia man's security camera recorded his slide down the driveway and tumble into the grass when he unexpectedly encountered black ice.

Kelly Bonser Besecker posted a video to Facebook showing footage recorded by the security camera outside of her Loudoun County home on Tuesday when her husband, Tim, was leaving for work.


The video shows Tim Besecker walking casually toward his truck when he slips on black ice covering his driveway.

Besecker manages to remain upright as he slides toward the street, but he eventually tumbles into the grass and rolls into the mailbox.

"Just another day heading to the office for Tim! #blackiceisreal," Kelly Besecker wrote.

She tweeted that Tim "is fine" and she "can't stop laughing" at the footage.

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