Michigan pizzeria offering pizza and snowplow service

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 5 (UPI) -- A Michigan pizzeria is offering snowed-in customers a "pizza and plow" service that includes delivering a large one-topping pizza and snowplowing the caller's driveway.

Tony Gloriosos, co-owner of Mario's Pizza in Union Pier, said the increased snowfall inspired him to offer the $30 "pizza and plow" promotion starting last month.


"Business was kind of slow. No one wanted to come out. We do offer delivery of course and I've been plowing for eight to nine years now. So we decided what better way to offer a pizza than a plow for special price," Glorioso told WSBT-TV.

Glorioso said the promotion has proven popular with hungry residents who find themselves snowed in.

"A lady missed her doctor's appointment. She says 'thank you so much. Now I can get to the doctor tomorrow.' She missed one, made it for the next day, very appreciative," Glorioso said.

He said the $30 price for the promotion might change.

"Right now we are doing it for $30. So the amount of snow dictates it. If I'm gonna be there a while, we kind of raise the price. If they have, you know -- if we're getting a lot of snow that day," Glorioso said.


The promotion started in late December and Glorioso said he and his wife, Harmony, have now decided to keep it going through the end of winter.

"As long as it's snowing. We're going to do it all winter long," Glorioso said.

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