Bear caught on camera raiding farmer's beehives for honey

By Ben Hooper
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Jan. 4 (UPI) -- A conservation group in Taiwan released a video showing a Formosan black bear breaking into a farmer's bee hives to steal some honey.

The Taiwan Black Bear Education Center posted a video to Facebook this week showing the real-life Winnie-the-Pooh's late October visit to a Pingtung County beekeeper's farm.


The center said the farmer had been concerned about damage he discovered to his hives, so he contacted Huang Mei-hsiu -- known as the "Black Bear Mom" of the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association -- and she had a team set up cameras at the scene.

The cameras recorded the Formosan black bear's nighttime visit, which saw the hungry bruin tearing open a hive to get at the honeycombs inside.

The center said the farmer was advised to relocate his hives and the bear stopped visiting the farm when it was unable to find the honey.

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