New York ice rink proposal has slippery surprise ending

By Ben Hooper

Dec. 29 (UPI) -- A man's marriage proposal on the ice at New York's Rockefeller Center turned out to be a mixed success when his now-fiancee said "yes" -- and promptly fell over.

Brian Skolar posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when he had a friend record his marriage proposal Dec. 23 while ice skating with his girlfriend, Amanda Szymanski, at Rockefeller Center.


Skolar attracts a crowd of cheering onlookers as he drops to one knee on the ice and asks Szymanski to be his wife.

The surprised woman accepts the proposal and the crowd cheers, but she loses her balance while leaning in for a kiss and falls on her backside.

The filmer rushes over to the couple and asks Szymanski is she is OK.

"Help me up," she says, through laughter.

"You might want to help me, too!" quips Skolar, who is still on one knee.

Szymanski gives the crowd a wave to let them know she is not injured.

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