Healthy baby born in the middle of California store

By Ben Hooper

Dec. 29 (UPI) -- A California woman who dropped by her local market for a drink ended up giving birth in the middle of the store while the labor was recorded by security cameras.

The El Parian Neighborhood Market and Carniceria in Fresno shared photos on Facebook of a regular customer named Erica and her newborn baby after she gave birth in the middle of the store.


Surveillance footage from Dec. 26 shows Erica kneeling next to a table at the store.

"We had this lady here who came in to buy a soda, and then she told the cashier to call the ambulance," store owner Issimar Sepulveda told KFSN-TV.

"So then I started listening to her screaming so then I came to the carniceria and then I was like what's going on. She was right there like bending, oh my God, oh my God I am having my baby," Sepulveda said.

The store's security camera shows Erica giving birth in the store with the help of the butcher, who caught the newborn.

Sepulveda said the infant initially showed a purple coloration, leading a worker to use a suction syringe to clear the newborn's airway.


Store workers kept the baby warm while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

The store's Facebook page live-streamed the woman and baby being taken away by paramedics.

"When the paramedics were here, I was like, this is so amazing. I have to do a live about it," Sepulveda told KMPH-TV. "They wrapped the baby. It was a few minutes of joy where people can see what's happening here."

Sepulveda said the mother and baby were taken to a local hospital, where they were said to be doing well.

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