VCR bought from Goodwill contained home movies from 1990s

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 28 (UPI) -- A South Carolina man who purchased a VCR from a Goodwill thrift store discovered a tape inside the device filled with someone's mid-90s home movies.

Jayson Hansen of Goose Creek said he bought the VCR about two weeks ago and when he hooked it up, he discovered it contained a VHS tape.


"In the VCR was this VHS tape labeled 'Family Videos 1994 Florida,'" Hansen told WCSC-TV.

The tape contained two hours of recordings spanning from December 1994 to May 1995.

Hansen said he made a digitized copy of the recordings and he is now trying to track down the family.

"You know, VHS tapes don't last forever," Hansen said. "It just seemed like the right thing to do, I guess."

Hansen posted stills from the tape to Facebook in the hopes that someone might recognize the family members.

He said the post has already started to go viral, giving him hope the family might be found.

A Goodwill representative said the company is happy to hear that Hansen is working to return the family's memories to them.


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