Koalas block traffic with mid-road wrestling match

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 21 (UPI) -- Traffic stopped in both directions on an Australian road due to an unusual and adorable road hazard -- a pair of wrestling koalas.

A video filmed Wednesday on a road through a wooded area shows vehicles stopped in both directions as the two koalas have a wrestling match in the middle of the street.


A motorcyclist going the other direction eventually drives around the koalas, but the car filming the marsupials stays put.

The koalas eventually get up for a game of chase, giving the driver hope that she will be able to continue on the road.

"Here they go," she says, as the koalas loop back around to the front of her car, "Oh, for god's sake."

"Now where have they gone?" the woman wonders out loud, as the koalas get close to the car and vanish from view.

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