Neighbors reunite lost baby koala with its mother

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 19 (UPI) -- A koala enthusiast in Australia captured video of the reunion between a baby koala and its mother after they located the older marsupial in a tree.

A video posted Monday to YouTube by Koalafication, a channel run by a resident of a koala-heavy neighborhood in Greenhill, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia, shows a woman holding onto a baby koala found on the ground by itself.


"This wee little wild baby koala was walking on the ground all alone and lost while its mama was high in the tree -- not a good place for baby!" the uploader wrote.

The video shows the mother being reunited with her joey.

"[Three] days later and they are still in our trees!" the filmer wrote. "Tis' the koala season here in Greenhill! The neighborhood are on watch for vulnerable koalas this time of year, we take care on the roads and watch out for wandering koalas, we also leave out water stations during heatwaves and contact Koala Rescue when there is a sick, injured or compromised koala."

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