Group rolls up 106-foot marijuana joint at Massachusetts expo

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 18 (UPI) -- A marijuana advocacy group in Boston rolled up a 106-foot-long joint after learning there is no official record for the world's longest marijuana cigarette.

Beantown Greentown unveiled the joint, which surpassed the group's own goal of 100 feet, on Saturday at The Harvest Cup exhibition at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass.


The group said the gargantuan marijuana cigarette was created using the group's own pot and was formed with the help of 40 volunteers.

Andrew Mutty, co-owner of Beantown Greentown, said the idea came from the lack of an official record for the world's longest joint.

"Just all of us one day, sitting around, being inebriated and someone said, 'what is the world record for the longest joint?' And the situation evolved into a little bit of research and looking online and there was a one pound joint we found, but no one did it in a continuous length," Mutty told the Boston Herald. "So we thought, let's set the bar kind of high and see if anyone else wants to try and break a record."

The group said they documented the process in the hopes of getting Guinness World Records to certify their accomplishment.


Massachusetts voted to legalize possession and consumption of cannabis last year and regulations governing the sale of marijuana are currently being written by the newly-formed Cannabis Control Commission.

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