Wayward raccoon stops Canadian subway train in its tracks

By Daniel Uria
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Dec. 11 (UPI) -- A subway train in Canada came to a sudden halt after a small raccoon wandered onto the tracks.

Toronto Transit Commission Spokesman Brad Ross shared a photo of the raccoon after special constables made made a "humane capture" at 9:34 a.m. on Friday morning.


"In Raccoon City news, this cute fella is awaiting Animal Services in relative comfort and absolute safety in our offices at Bloor Station," Ross said.

An announcer informed passengers the train was delayed because a raccoon had made its way onto the subway tracks and they didn't want "to run him over."

The raccoon eventually made its way onto the platform where special constables managed to capture it and place it in a trashcan in the TTC's Bloor Station offices.

"The raccoon was very calm, it didn't try to run away," Ross told the CBC. "We brought him into the back room and placed him, appropriately, in a garbage bin."

Ross noted the raccoon didn't have proof of payment for its fare, but safely handed the animal on its way to Toronto Animal Services to be safely released.


"The TTC trash panda has left the building," Ross said. "Thanks for riding buddy. Don't make it a habit."

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